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The importance of real estate photography and videos in the industry today. Spain and Costa Blanca

I work in the area of Valencia and the Costa Blanca as a professional photographer. Mainly in my commercial work I do real estate reportajes and videos. Over the years and especially since the Pandemic, in order to be able to access clients and have them access properties, the industry has begun to shift to more online presentations. This has given rise to new technologies in the sector such as 360 degree images and Matterport presentations as well as virtual tours. The photographic element of any marketing package for a real estate agent (inmobiliaria) will always remain important as the first impression of a property tends to be photographic. If that photo is not up to standard, you have lost a client. Within eight seconds, we decided if we are visually attracted to something or not. Basically psychology then, determines that in order to attract attention, the subject has to be visually attractive. There is still along way to go for real estate businesses to improve their visual representation in Spain. I see a mix of the reasonably good, to the outright shocking!

Being a real estate photographer and videographer gives me two advantages over a real estate agent taking their own images. Firstly, I have trained for over eight years in the technical, academic and visual aspects of photography and video. A real estate agent does not have that kind of knowledge or time to dedicate to doing that part of the job well, I do. Secondly, I have photographing every day, I learn to deal with and solve problems of lighting and composition, as thing that is often overlooked by a real estate agent taking images with a mobile phone on the fly. I have the time and interest to do that part of the job well as my aim is to help the agent get the property sold.

If we want something done really well, then of course we can learn the skills, often a painstaking and timely affair, or we can farm out to a professional for modest fee, and in the case of real estate agents, then dedicate ourselves to what they do best...selling properties.

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