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Real estate photography as a serious concern

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

As a real estate photographer on the Costa Blanca and based in Valencia, I see many examples of properties that with a touch more concern and time, could be presented and sold in a more streamlined and rapid way. The visual representation of a property for sale is imperative to capturing the interest of the potential client. This will only work is the photos that are presented are appealing and give a good sense of the distribution, lighting and space. There is an art to creating a photo the captures the eye and imagination. Many images that I analyse are either too dark, not well composed or even, in worst case scenarios, blurred.

In the realm of fine art photography, that I myself practice, one can use these devices to communicate a subject. But when it comes to commercial photography of a property, the most important thing is to present the photo in a well composed, spacious and pleasing way. It has been studied that the proper presentation of a property by photography and video can increase sale speed by 32%. The reason for this is obvious. Poor photos don't make a good impression. Often the real estate agent or 'inmobilaria' in Spain don't have time to go in and spend one and a half or two house doing a professional photos shoot. Some learn to do it better than others. However, it makes sense to consider collaborating with professionals when you need a job done. To see the photographer as an essential part of the sales team is wise in todays market. The investment in hiring a freelance does not have to be extremely high. The fees paid to a photographer who dedicates time to this area week in week out, will inevitable have a clearer sense of how to go about documenting a property. In the end, it is about continuity of presentation and quality of approach.

Steve Young on a property shoot in Valencia, focusing on details as part of the reportaje of images.

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