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I'm Steve Young and by training studied as an academic art photographer. This is my commercial website for real estate photography. 
I'm pleased you have come across my site and hope that I can provide a professional service for you that delivers the desired photographic results. Please do take a look through the different categories to see my work that I have produced over the years. 
My training as a photographer began in Valencia, Spain at the Espai d'art fotográfico. Later I embarked upon a BA (Hons) photography program that has stretched over many years...six so far to be precise. Over those years I have worked to imbue personal vision with technical proficiency as well as theoretical understanding of the photography field today. 
To see other work of mine that is fine art oriented see:

About the photographer

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Photographic work carried out in Spain and other areas of Europe and UK


   tlf/movil +34 695794397

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